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Dear Guest of Modular Festival 2024

We warmly welcome you to our NEW HOME base, in beautiful Melchtal in Switzerland and are beyond grateful to have you as our guest.

Love to you and WELCOME to MODULAR

Modular Festival 2024

05.-09. September 2024

MELCHTAL (OW), Switzerland

Check In: on sight MELCHTAL tba  (boarding official public transport or shuttle)

Opening hours Check in:  THU 14:00 - 21:00 / FR 11:00 - 22:00 / Sa 11:00 - 22:00 / So 09:00-13:00

Please arrive by public transport whenever possible as the bus / taxi gate is at the train station Sarnen.




Parking: near location (not free of charge)

Festival BUS / Taxi: Bus / Taxi  Meeting Point next to Bhf Sarnen train station to Location (only running at public transport hours / Taxi during Check in times). A transportation fee will be charged per person (public transport) or by the taxi driver upon departure.

Gates open: Thursday 05. September 2024 14:00

Gates close: Monday 09.September 2024 12:00

Transport to location only by public transport or taxi - boarding at designated area Train Station Sarnen. The Checkin Gate is at the actual Festival Location

Limited Caravan access ! Caravan Ticket must be purchased specifically, no access by car without Caravan Ticket or access badge (Crew)

Festival Car Parking Tickets must be purchased prior to Event or upon arrival via ticketing website. Ticket must be placed in your vehicle visibly.

no kids, no dogs, no glass

Age: 18+ (Mindestalter 18 Jahre) Only with matching Ticket & Passport at the gate. Entry can be denied at gate if you do not follow our guidelines or if your condition is not adequate

Camping access with your personal tent Is included in your Ticket. Bring your tent and camping gear - we do not offer tents but we do offer shared rooms or Tipi Tents for rent - info following soon.
ooking must be placed separately and individually (Each person needs their personal valid Festival Ticket - this is mandetory )

Showers //  free running water are provided

IF YOU HAVE PURCHASED A TICKET FROM SOMEONE ELSE PLEASE BRING A PICTURE OF THEIR ID PLUS A MESSAGE AS PROOF TO THE GATE. IF you register with our ticketing no later than 3 weeks prior to event, we can issue tickets in the name of your new ticket holder whic has been communicated and confirmed by email. (HEADER: NEW TICKET HOLDER / 2nd hand sale)


YOU DO NOT NEED A QR CODE TO CHECK IN JUST YOUR ID (GENERAL) The QR Code is helpful but not neccessary at check in. Passport / ID is mandetory

YOU CAN BUY A TICKET AT THE GATE (limited box office tickets)

You can bring:

in PET bottles only (closed / sealed)) no limit on Water & soft drinks

one 6pack beer per person cans only! (50cl) no glass! No Liquors allowed!

Food you may bring what ever you like - no glass!

no fire!

Not included: 

Parking Ticket CHF XX.- for the official TBA Modular Parking

Caravan access CHF XX.-

Tents or any equipment - we do not offer tent / camping  supply

TIPI Rental must be booked separately in advance

Please read our terms and conditions (AGB)

Tickets can not be re sold or transferred. Refunds only within 14 days after purchase and no later than August 20st 2024. Admin fee chf 25.- will be deducted. only by email

You need your battery-charged mobile phone with QR Ticket (not mandatory) BUT most important your identity card (passport or ID) for the check-in on site.

Please inform yourself in advance about our admission rules and requirements. No Access without ID or Passport! (Physical)




See you SOON! <3

LOVE, Modular Festival CREW


Liebe Gäste des Modular Festival 2024
Wir heissen Euch herzlich Willkommen im wunderschönen Melchtal. Über ein halbes Jahr haben wir nun an diesem Festival Umzug gearbeitet und sind dir sehr dankbar, dass du Heute unser Gast bist.

Love to you und WELCOME to MODULAR

Dear Guest of Modular Festival 2024 We warmly welcome you to the beautiful Melchtal in Switzerland. For more than six month we have been working on this festival  relocationing and we are beyond grateful to welcome you are our guest today.

Love to you and WELCOME to MODULAR

Bitte sammelt und trennt Euren Abfall und vor Allem die Zigarettenstummel. Wir dürfen hier auf dem Waideland zu Gast sein wo sonst die Kühe und Pferde leben. Wir möchten Euch darauf aufmerksam machen, und bitten um Mithilfe.
Please take good care to leave no trace and respect nature around you. We were kindly invited to spend our weekend in the habitat of horses and cows so please collect your trash and cigarettes.

Wir haben ein Mehrweggeschirr Konzept und bitten Euch, die Becher mit 2.- Depot an der Bar zu retournieren. Das Selbe gilt für Die Food Stände. Kein Glas auf dem ganzen Gelände, es gilt nur PET und ALU versiegelt im Originalzustand.
Our drinks and food is served in reusable dishes, please return the cups at the bar to receive your 2.- deposit. No Glass allowed on sight! sealed PET or ALU only!


An unserem Kiosk könnt Ihr die notwendigsten Waren einkaufen, das Gelände darf jederzeit verlassen werden, bei Rückkehr gilt das Kontingent an erlaubten Getränken prinzipiell nicht erneut, es darf nur beim erstmaligen Betreten ein kleines Kontingent (gemäss Auflistung) an Getränken eingeführt werden.
we have a small Kiosk set up where you can purchase very basic necessities . You may leave and re enter at any point but you will not be allowed to re enter with drinks. The limited amount per person is allowed only at your arrival entry (once per person) once you have received your wristband you may not re enter with drinks (as listed)

Cash Bezug / Cash withdrawl
Ihr könnt an den Cash Point Wechselstationen (Kassen), mit Eurer Bank oder Kreditkarte via EC Gerät, Bargeld beziehen (5.- Gebühr) Bezug maximal pro Person chf 100.-
Cash withdrawal is possible at our Exchange Cash points with you bank or credit card (5.- CHF fee charge) maximum amount chf 100.- per person

How to pay
Bar: Ihr könnt an unseren Cash Points, Wertkarten kaufen um damit an den Bars zu bezahlen. Es ist auch möglich via EC Terminal mit Karte zu bezahlen (CASH POINT). No Cash at the bar!  Wertkarten können nicht zurückgewechselt werden!

Shops / Food Stände: Cash only, direkt beim Food Stand / Shop bezahlen
Bar: You can purchase Tokens at our Cash point to pay for your drinks at the bar. You can also pay by card. No Cash at the bar! No token refunds!
Shops / Food: Cash only! Pay your purchase directly at the shops

Parking / BUS
Der offizielle Festival Parkplatz befindet sich ausserhalb des Geländes.  Die Parkgebühr beträgt CHF 15.- DO-MO dieses muss vorab via Ticketing,  gekauft werden, Ticket vorweisen. Die Location ist ausschliesslich mit dem Bus ab Bahnhof erreichbar oder mit Taxi. Keine Zufahrt mit privaten Fahrzeugen ohne Caravan Ticket oder Bewilligung.

The official car parking is off site and not in the Festival zone. The parking fee is CHF 15.- Thu-Mo, please purchase your parking ticket in advance online , see our ticketing links and show the Ticket at the parking gate. The location is NOT accessible by car only with our official Caravan Ticket or CREW clearence. Public transport bus is departing at the designated area near the train station  Engelberg.


See you SOON! <3

LOVE, Modular Festival CREW


 Caravan / Parking Tickets: tba
Facebook Event:
Instagram: @modularfestival.official

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